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Rev. Syung Myung Me
30 August 1980
I'm Matt, and I'm from Seattle. I'm into lots of music, books and film, and I've got a website up at Kittysneeezes.com, which is a combination band site/online 'zine. (Does anyone put the apostrophe in front of "zine" anymore?) Check it out! I also like things. You can also find me on Facebook, which is where I tend to post quick-one-off type links that I don't have a whole heck of a lot to write about.
achewood, alfred hitchcock, american astronaut, andy kaufman, animation, anime, anno hideaki, apples in stereo, archie mcphee, art, barnes & barnes, belle and sebastian, billy nayer show, bis, bjork, blue jam, bob odenkirk, bonzo dog band, books, brass eye, brian eno, captain beefheart, carol lay, cartoon planet, cartoons, charlie kaufman, chris elliott, chris morris, chris onstad, church of the subgenius, cinema, coen brothers, comics, conan o'brien, crispin hellion glover, dada, danny elfman, david cross, david foster wallace, david gonterman, david lynch, dead milkmen, devo, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, dr. demento, dvds, emo philips, excel saga, fastbacks, film, film making, flcl, flying lizards, frank black, frank chickens, frank zappa, futurama, gainax, gary numan, ghost world, graphic novels, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, hound's home, hunter s. thompson, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, kare kano, kids in the hall, kim deal, kittysneezes, kraftwerk, kurt bloch, laura cantrell, louis wain, luis bunuel, matt groening, minus 5, monty python, moog, movies, mr. show, mst3k, music, mystery science theater 3000, negativland, neon genesis evangelion, oingo boingo, otomo yoshihide, paul collins, pixies, polysics, raymond scott, reading, rene magritte, sarah vowell, satire, science, scott mccaughey, seattle, sgt. major, shane macgowan, shonen knife, skeptical thinking, soul coughing, sparks, spike jonze, stanley kubrick, subgenius, superosity, surrealism, talking heads, terry gilliam, that dog, the billy nayer show, the ditty bops, the fastbacks, the flying lizards, the minus 5, the pixies, the prisoner, the residents, the young fresh fellows, theremins, they might be giants, todcra, tom lehrer, tom waits, trachtenburg family slideshow players, warren zevon, web comics, ween, weird al yankovic, wes anderson, writing, x-ray spex, xtc, yoko ono, young fresh fellows, zappa,

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