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23 September 2012 @ 02:12 pm
Due to Aila’s job, she’s been having much less in the way of free time — so, we’re changing the Residents Project to bi-weekly instead of weekly.  

(The past couple have been like that, but unofficially, so we figured we’d just make it official.)

So there will be no new Residents Project this week (We’ll be on Have A Bad Day), but it will show up early next week.  Otherwise, the articles will remain the same style — the three of us are all staying with it!

(We’re on the home stretch anyway, so it probably won’t matter quite as much.)

This is unrelated, BUT if anyone else has any ideas for similar “Projects”, whether or not you want to do it for KS or just see it done, feel free to pitch!  (And they need not involve me and/or Aila and/or Rich!)

Either submit via here, my tumblr, or via the contact form on Kittysneezes!


(And, of course, any other articles you want to do, be they Projects or not, are always welcomed.)