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And, Because I Said I Would:
Circuit Bending
It'd be better if it were a martini, though...
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Music: 3, Books: 1
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A Promise Or A Threat Fulfilled
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And it's the B-side of our platter, sports fans, and I'm singing for you all covered in sequins
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Kure Kura Takora Part II
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A Piano In A Gallery
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Due to Aila’s job, she’s been having much less in the way of free time — so, we’re changing the Residents Project to bi-weekly instead of weekly.  

(The past couple have been like that, but unofficially, so we figured we’d just make it official.)

So there will be no new Residents Project this week (We’ll be on Have A Bad Day), but it will show up early next week.  Otherwise, the articles will remain the same style — the three of us are all staying with it!

(We’re on the home stretch anyway, so it probably won’t matter quite as much.)

This is unrelated, BUT if anyone else has any ideas for similar “Projects”, whether or not you want to do it for KS or just see it done, feel free to pitch!  (And they need not involve me and/or Aila and/or Rich!)

Either submit via here, my tumblr, or via the contact form on Kittysneezes!


(And, of course, any other articles you want to do, be they Projects or not, are always welcomed.)

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(no subject)

Schematic illustration of a typical audio podc...

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TWO THINGS! ONE THING: Give me topics you'd like me to write about for Kittysneezes! (seriously, I've got the block, so give me ideas!)

TWO THING: I'm toying with the idea of doing an x-ly podcast with different people, probably over skype! Maybe with TOPICS CHOSEN BY YOU. What do you think of such a thing?
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Little Website Help?

So, anyway -- according to this site:


Kittysneezes doesn't properly render in IE 6 and 7. What happens is you get the header/banner image, and the sidebar with the article links, and nothing but white. According to my cousin who uses IE 6-or-7, the content is there, you just have to scroll down about a mile and a half. Which, I suppose, is at least SOMETHING. But still.

ANYWAY: Does anyone know a fix for this, or a site that'll help me figure out a fix for this? I ran KS through a HTML checker-app, and the handful of things it discovered had no bearing on IE's rendering. Mainly a'cause I fixed 'em and the rendering didn't change.

And, yeah, I KNOW the answer is to get everyone in the world to use a real browser, but that doesn't really help things. So don' bother with that one. So, yeah - if'n you can help, or point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. (When I get back to my apartment, I'll see about setting up DreamWeaver to look at KS/Joomla/Etc, too.)
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I spent a STUPID amount of money at Record Store Day!

This was my first record store day (last year was at Coachella with Kaethe, which was an awesome reason... and I don't remember why I wasn't at the year before), and... yeah, it's good these things come once a year. I ended up going to 2.5 record stores (Sonic Boom, Bop Street, then Sonic Boom again), and, well, yeah.

So, anyway, this was my haul:

Easy Street 1:
  • DEVO - Fresh/What We Do 12"
  • Peter Gabriel/Bon Iver split 7" (for Teresa)
  • LCD Soundsystem Pow Pow 12" (for Teresa)
  • Flaming Lips - Dark Side of the Moon LP
  • Mountain Goats - Life of the World To Come DVD
  • MGMT - Congratulations Ltd Ed CD
  • Weezer - Raditude CD EP
  • She & Him - Volume 2

Bop Street:
  • Peter Blegvad - Knights Like This LP
  • Oingo Boingo S/T 10"
  • DEVO - Shout LP
  • Peter Ivers - Nirvana Peter LP (!!!!)
  • Peter Ivers Band S/T LP (!!!!!)
  • Billy Baxter & His Carnaby Street Vaudeville Band LP (...had to. I know nothing about it, but BILLY BAXTER. He of the BONE.)
  • Bob & Ray - The Two And ONly LP (with Mort Drucker cover!)
  • The Mixed Up World Of Ross Bagdasarian LP
  • Vinyl Lives book

Easy Street 2:
  • Gorillaz - White Flag b/w Pirate's Progress 10"
  • LCD Soundsystem - Pow Pow (for me this time)
  • Living Sisters - Love To Live CD
  • Frank Black - Nonstoperotik CD
  • Pet Shop Boys - Pandemonium CD/DVD
  • Codiene Velvet Club (feat. the dude from the Fratellis) - S/T CD
  • Love Is All - Two Thousand and Ten Injuries CD
  • Bird & The Bee - Interpreting the Masters Vol. 1 CD
  • Goldfrapp - Head First CD
  • Robyn Hitchcock - Propellor time CD
  • Electric Pioneer: Gary Numan book
  • AV Club's Inventory Book

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So, yeah -- Doggie Gaga Project Interview! by dr_ninjapants at Kittysneezes! Daryn totally nailed it. Dude rocks. AND there's pictures!

ALSO: I've been toying with the idea of putting a tip jar type thing on Kittysneezes -- but using it EXCLUSIVELY for advertising (mostly throwing into the PW campaigns and such). What would people think of that? Is that ass? Crass? A violation of expectationass? The thing that I'm hesitant about it is that I'd be afraid of alienating the other people who write for KS. Since:
a) the money WOULD be going to me
2) It wouldn't be GOING to me, it'd be poured directly back into the site, mainly by getting more notice for it, at least potentially.

So yeah -- what do folks think of that type of thing? Huh?
tom the dancing bug


Yay! So I got in a little early, actually; my plane was gonna land at 6A, but landed about 5.30 instead. So I can't complain on that one. I took a taxi over to Janet's (I was too tired to deal with figuring out subways, even though they are real easy and Janet gave me instructions), and then she introduced me to her cats and we both crashed.

I woke up about 10.30, and at noonish, we met up with Janet's parents, Monica and Hans, along with Janet's aunt Vivian, and we went and got an awesome bagel with lox, and a really great French Nut Cake. I recommend it ALL. We decided to do a car-tour of NYC, and we drove to the Flushing Meadows park to see the Panorama Of New York. It is SO awesome. It's a scale model of all of NYC that was originally built for the '64 World's Fair, but has been updated. It's SO neato. This is the first place I went that I was all "Oh, I should have brought my camera", just because we weren't really sure what was going on. (Also: This is the site of the "Don't Let's Start" video, but we didn't really explore that, and besides, it was most likely under a foot of snow, anyway.)

After that, I mentioned I'd heard the Bronx Zoo was really good and I was kinda hoping to go there while I was here. So, Monica said "OK! Let's go!" and so we did! We only got to spend about an hour and a half there, as it was closing at 4.30, but we saw lots of cool stuff. And again, I wish I'd brought my camera -- HOWEVER, Monica's cel phone actually takes real good pictures, so she shot some from Tiger Mountain, where the tiger basically came right up to the window to pose for a little while. He was ADORABLE. If it weren't for the fact that he'd kill and eat me in a matter of seconds, I would have given him a big ol' hug. (I think Monica's gonna send me the photos to share!)

We also saw the Monkey House, and the Madagascar exhibit (though the lemurs were all off exhibit by the time of day we were there), and the World Of Birds. It was AWESOME. Lots of cool, cool animals. And also some field mice! IT IS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE

After that, Monica and Hans and Vivian went back to their hotel, and dropped us off in Manhattan, so we could get a subway to Brooklyn to meet Janet's friend Emily for really good pizza at (sp?) De Fano? It's considered the best in Brooklyn, and it's always crowded, but it was pretty damn good. So, if you're in Brooklyn, you probably have already been there (it's right on Avenue J by the train station), so yeah.

Then we went back to Emily's apartment and played Lego Rock Band, which was pretty fun, and met her cats, Peter and Buzzy. Both were total sweethearts, too. Emily's a really talented musician, and she played a cover of Joanna Newsom's "Sadie" on her guitar, which made me go "Hey, wait, this actually IS a good song when there's no Demented Newfie Wailing!" and then a couple of her own songs on her banjo. She's wicked good, and also really nice and cool. So that was really fun.

Then, it was one of Janet's friend/coworkers' birthday parties at a bar, and so we went to the East Village and popped in a bit (as we were both exhausted). It was really loud, so I couldn't hear much, but I did beat Janet at Connect Four.

Afterwards, we came back to her apartment, and sadly, we found one of her cats, Billy, dead on the floor. So, um, that wasn't the best way to end a really good day. Janet's other cat, Isobel is fine, though it seems she occasionally looks around for Billy, too -- she saw his body, but if she's like us, she just figured he was sleeping, as Billy was super-duper low energy. So, that was really sad.

All tolled, we ended up going to bed probably around 3ish. Janet had to get up to go to work, and I slept in until noon. Oops!

Tonight, we shall see POLYSICS! Yaaaaay!
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NYC! Kittysneezes Updates! Ham! (No ham.)

I've done a bit more work on the KS site. I've added Zemanta, which makes it easy to add extra links and images and whatnot, and it also tends to suggest KS articles to other sites, so yay? It seems to work pretty well, though. I also took the opportunity to tweak the design a little bit. I've made everything on the front page (as Zemanta pulls from the RSS feed; Sorry, RSS KS readers, as you'll probaby have a whole mess of stuff now), and as such, blown up the "Most Recent Articles" and turned it into Recent Popular Ones and All-Time Popular Ones. I'll see how that goes, anyway -- it's worth a shot!

I've also set up a thing that'll pull keywords in automagically, so you don't have to fill 'em in anymore. Which is nice!

The new editor is pretty snazzy as well, which is good. Still working on getting it to default to the comment view but hey!

(The rest of this entry has nothin' to do with Kittysneezes, so you can safely read on.)

I get to fly out to NYC Thursday night! That is awesome, and I am wicked excited. I am glad to stay with Janet/limnrix, and we're gonna do awesome stuff. Like see the POLYSICS. And miss the Residents! (That part isn't so awesome, but we're gonna do it anyway. Or at least I am. Because they play Tuesday. Maybe Janet will go to that by her lonesome.) I forget if there're any exclusive records this time. Hm.

But anyway I know some o' you suckers live in NYC too! So, perhaps we should do plans some?

Right now, these are things I know are happening:
Dinner with Monica (Janet's mom): 2/12
A Failed Entertainment: Selections From James O. Incandenza's Filmography (don't know what day, but as darkrow pointed out, it's only open Monday-Friday. Which is weird to me, but hey, I don't make the rules. I just follow them. BECAUSE I'M GOOD.)

Things I think are happening but I don't know when:
Meeting up with Joe (mister_f)and Amy (spasmsproject)
Meeting up with Rich (darkrow)
Meeting up with Deaner (NO LJ)
Meeting up with Serdar (sixteenbynine)
Meeting up with Nathan? (vovat)
(Also meeting up with Ben and Josh, but that is assumed.)

So yes?

ALSO: Folks on that list, lemme know your T-shirt size. (particularly if it's either L or XL.)

...no reason.

(also if you're not on that list but want to me, lemme know, too.)

Yay for New York! I'm looking forward to it like hell of. NYC!